5 steps to refresh your beauty collection

When spring approaches, so does spring cleaning! Missy Lovett, MUA and beauty expert joined GTU’s first hour to share tips on how to refresh your spring makeup collection. From throwing away old makeup to organizing the clutter Yes, spring cleaning your beauty routine is one thing. From removing old makeup to organizing the clutter, here are 5 steps to

Spring cleaning of your beauty routine:

Step 1: Throw away any makeup you haven’t touched in a year. It’s hard to put down those pretty little glitter jars and sparkly but broken blushes. Take a deep breath, you can do it. When and what to throw away? Here is a guide to help you.

Makeup Expiration Guide: There are 3-6 months for mascara and liquid eyeliners. 6-8 months for concealer, cream foundation, liquid foundation and cream eyeshadow. And finally 1 year for blushes, powder eyeshadows, glosses, lipsticks and loose powder.

2nd step: Time to shop! It’s Lovetts favorite step when it’s time to update that makeup collection! This is a great time to swap out your heavier foundations for lighter foundations and also make sure to increase your SPF in your kit. Refine your existing makeup by replacing the following:

Did you know that your liquid makeup/eye cream is probably contaminated and full of bacteria? Be sure to replace the mascara every three months or so. In addition, you can regularly clean the wand to prevent it from clogging with the product.

Step 3: Sharpen all eye and lip pencils! Sharpening not only ensures precise application, but also removes the top layer which may be dirty. Also, make sure they have a lid that fits. Pro Tip: Throw your pencils in the freezer for 10 minutes before sharpening and you’ll get a nice, crisp, clean tip without wasting too much product!

Step 4: Wash those brushes! Try to get into the habit of washing your brushes at least once a month. Between washes, you can use an instant brush cleaner. Don’t forget to also wash tweezers, eyelash curlers and pencil sharpeners.

Step 5: To organise! Channel your inner Marie Kondo and make your beauty stash pretty (and functional) by using clear organizers.

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