A fan designs a Pokemon Snorlax suitcase!

Almost all generations of Pokemon brings special and memorable keepsakes to the collection of pocket monstersas they are called in Japan. And there is no doubt that the same will be true with the ninth generation of Pokemon which is preparing with the release of scarlet and purple this autumn.

But to this day, many of the originals 151 Pokemon remain popular even to this day, as does the sleepy giant Pokemon, Snorlax. To pay homage to this beloved and adored first generation Pokémon, a fan has shared concept art for a Snorlax-themed luggage. The minimalist design of the Pokemon-themed merchandise is so amazing that we hope it becomes an actual product.

Pokemon has proven to reign supreme around the world as one of the most profitable media franchises. It easily wiped out the competition consisting of Hello Kitty and disney by a huge margin. This is largely due to its excellent roster of video games as well as a loyal anime airing to date.

A huge amount of money also comes from massive licensing deals with other brands that include toys, clothes, Pokemon Cardsand many other merchandise based on the beloved show.

Snorlax Suitcase

Given the absolute popularity of the franchise, a lot of Snorlax-based merchandise has been released over the years. And to be honest, the suitcase concept created by Redditor eokoeoko could definitely pass for official merchandise.

The concept mentioned is meant to be a 3D rendering of a wheeled suitcase which is made to look like the giant Pokemon. The main body of the case is designed to look like his body, and a small case at the top is designed to look like his head. The helmet also comes with a pair of ears.

A strap located towards the back of the head secures the small holster to the handle of the main suitcase, which in theory would allow users to keep their Snorlax intact during transport.

I made a 3D concept of the Snorlax suitcase in Blender •) of pokemon

Taking everything into consideration, the Snorlax suitcase turns out to be a remarkable and professional 3D concept that combines the cartoon charm of the Pokemon while maintaining a clean and minimal look to the suitcase so that it doesn’t stand out too much.

But that’s not all, the Snorlax suitcase is one of the many Pokémon concepts launched by eokoeoko. They presented several renders and concepts to the Pokemon community. Some of them include Diglett earplugs which come with a Pokeball-shaped case, helmets turn-based Venonat and Voltorband one Gastly themed umbrella.

There is no doubt that a lot of thought goes into these concepts before they are released by eokoeoko. The original post claims up to 1,900 votes on Reddit and it is an understatement to say that from eokoeoko The Snorlax concept has been well received by the Pokemon community.

A look at the Pokemon Snorlax suitcase concept | u/eokoeoko

Many replies and comments below the post praised the overall design and the careful thought and consideration that went into the 3D concept of the Snorlax case. Fans have said they love how the two separate cases come together to represent Snorlax, but other fans have asked if it will ever become a reality.

Eokoeoko replied that they would like their creations to become real products one day. Will the Snorlax case be licensed as official merchandise, or will it remain just a 3D concept? In the meantime, fans have new merchandise to look forward to with the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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