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Pogi Grooming Wipes are plant-based, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, deodorizing wipes for dogs and cats made by eco-friendly pet company Pogi’s Pet Supplies.

The grooming wipes have received rave reviews on their Amazon store listing, as the product sits at a very impressive 4.6 out of 5 rating from over 19,000 reviews, at the time of writing. Readers can browse the product’s Amazon listing and read the reviews for themselves by going to the link:

The grooming wipes have been enhanced with natural conditioning ingredients that increase their cleaning ability and give them the ability to condition pet’s skin and fur as they are used. The conditioning ingredients used are aloe vera, vitamin E and Hawaiian awapuhi. These ingredients help cleanse, refresh and condition while giving the coat a healthy shine. The company says its wipes are great for wiping dirt and odor from paws, bodies and buttocks between baths.

The wipes are completely hypoallergenic, meaning they are completely free of parabens, alcohol, and harsh chemicals. The wipes are also effective in reducing dander and allergens in cats. The wipes also have the distinction of being manufactured in a Nordic Swan, ISO 9001, GMPC, BRC, GMP and EPA certified factory. The wipes are vegan and cruelty-free, which means they have not been tested on animals.

Pet wipes are great to give the buyer maximum control over how they want to use them. They measure 8 inches (20cm) by 9 inches (23cm), making them large and comfortable enough to use on all dog breeds, from the smallest Chihuahuas to large breeds like a German Shepherd. The pet wipes are padded to make them sturdy and thick enough to wipe dirt and grime from the heaviest coats without shearing or tearing.

The fibers in the pet wipes are made from 100% sustainably harvested bamboo, which is in line with the company’s mission to be an environmentally conscious company that has a positive effect on the planet and the environment. Pogi’s Pet Supplies website states that its mission is “to make our world a happier place by purchasing high quality, durable materials that work great and keep our environment clean.” The company’s founding story is inspiring and full of charm as it was created by its founders because they recognized a lack of eco-friendly pet accessory options on the market that were gentle and effective for use for their adorable French Bulldog pet Pogi, the eponymous mascot. behind the business. For more information visit:

The product is available in SKUs of 100 wipes or 400 wipes and is also available in two travel packs of 120 wipes and 240 wipes. The company claims that the SKU of 100 wipes is enough to last a pet owner a month. The pet wipes are also available in two different scent profiles: unscented and green tea scent.

A 5-star review of the product on its Amazon store page that describes using the wipes on a pet who suffers from infections says, “(My dog) has very, very small ear canals that constantly trap dirt and grease. ‘humidity. Because of this, he has recurring ear infections and horrible yeast buildup in his ears. The yeast builds up extremely quickly and needs to be removed daily and sometimes twice a day or it will get infections. With yeast comes bad smell, itching and irritation. I tried several products, trying to find a routine that worked for both him and us. These wipes were a winner. They’re moist enough to clean, but not so moist as to wet his ear canals and exacerbate the problem. They are odorless and gentle on her already sensitive ears. The wipes on her poor skin didn’t cause any redness or irritation. Although not a cure, daily use of these wipes helped keep our poor dog’s ear problems under control. Thank you Pogi’s. I will continue to be a customer. 16-9-1409173089793-rpcbe5.mp4

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