CSR at Axis Communications – focus on a smarter, safer and more sustainable solution

LUND, Sweden and CHELMSFORD, Mass.—Axis Communications is more than just a manufacturer of network cameras for the physical security and video surveillance industries.

Sustainability is a natural part of its operations, and it is this focus on developing products and solutions for a smarter and safer world that drives Axis’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts.

Fredrik Nilsson, Vice President of Americas for Axis Communications, said Security Systems News that the company’s CSR efforts, as defined in the Axis 2021 Sustainability reportit’s more than volunteering.

“We focus on being a sustainable business by choosing the right suppliers, reducing emissions, reducing plastics and implementing sustainable practices wherever possible,” he said. Explain. “Axis also puts its employees first by investing in training and internal events focused on diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) and strives to empower colleagues through mentorship programs.”

Sustainability and Responsibility

Axis’ 2021 Sustainability Report notes that while Axis is a recognized innovator in video surveillance, it is also focused on “working hard to develop and lead this industry’s standard for social responsibility, ethics and environmental”.

“Achieving our goals relies on the power of co-innovation and mutually beneficial partnerships,” the report says. “This cooperative approach is leading to breakthrough technologies that are already improving businesses, cities and people’s lives everywhere. It also unites suppliers, partners, customers and Axis to work together for a smarter and safer world.

The report also cites a responsibility throughout the value chain – suppliers, distributors and partners – to ensure that Axis’ products and solutions have a positive economic, environmental and social impact.

“We encourage and train distributors and partners to drive change and create value, knowledge sharing and ongoing dialogue with all stakeholders to help us ensure that manufacturing, distribution, installation, the management and use of our products and solutions are sustainable and responsible. “, notes the report.

As a company that generated $1.3 billion in sales in 2021, Axis also recognizes the importance of developing innovative, reliable and long-term products and solutions that lead to financial growth.

“Sustainability and responsibility are at the heart of our operations, as are financial stability and long-term profitability,” the report notes. “We know that we have to do well to do well, and we believe that this approach also improves the performance of our business. »

Solutions for sustainability

Axis highlighted its desire to be a “driving force” in the industry when it comes to technological innovations and sustainability standards. To that end, the company cited a few examples of how its products and solutions meet customer needs.

In growing cities where authorities need to work smarter and find ways to keep citizens safe and quality of life, while using resources more efficiently, Axis provides camera and audio technology that meets their daily challenges. and, at the same time, to their sustainability goals. The report notes that Axis solutions improve the efficiency of criminal investigations to ensure public safety, as well as optimize traffic flows to reduce emissions.

Regarding critical infrastructure, Axis highlighted its portfolio of network camera networks and devices that support physical security and cybersecurity of power, water and telecommunications plants, as well as help operators reduce risks of leaks and unwanted emissions.

“Different customers have different needs,” the report says. “We are an industry leader with a strong focus on exceptional cybersecurity, versatility and versatile solutions, green design and energy efficiency. These factors, combined with our strong stance on ethics, confidentiality and the protection of human rights during use, make us a reliable and attractive long-term partner for partners/resellers and customers. .

Sustainable approach

With sustainability being such a natural and important part of Axis’ operations, the company’s approach to sustainability, as defined in the report, is to “create long-term value for stakeholders through implementing a business strategy focused on people, planet, and prosperity.

Axis’ sustainability approach is based on four pillars:

  1. Respect people – Ethical, responsible, inclusive and reliable. Our relationships with our partners and collaborators.
  2. Be Trustworthy – Respect decency, be transparent and think long-term while having zero tolerance for corruption.
  3. Innovate responsibly – Innovations based on the highest standards of responsibility that follow all international standards.
  4. Protect our planet – We have one world. We strive to protect it by minimizing the environmental impact in everything we do.

Nilsson pointed out that CSR has been a strategic objective at Axis for many years.

“Axis signed the UN Global Compact in 2007 and has been working towards achieving the UN sustainability goals ever since,” he noted. “Axis has its own goals each year to contribute to sustainability, striving to achieve beyond what is expected of us.”


Axis’ CSR efforts in 2021 also included the adoption of a new Group Anti-Corruption Policy, with all Axis representatives required to undergo anti-corruption training. In addition, the company completed a human rights impact assessment and launched a human rights due diligence project which continues in 2022.

Other CSR highlights last year included the launch of Axis’ first camera containing bioplastics and increasing the number of brominated/chlorine flame retardant-free (BFR/CFR-free) products to continue to focus on the environmental aspects of product development. .

Elaine Palome, Director of Human Resources at Axis Communications, highlighted the importance of CSR for the company and its employees.

“CSR continues to be a top priority at Axis and is a program that has been embraced by employees across all regions,” she said. “These initiatives bring us together as a team and foster pride and camaraderie among colleagues who consistently rank CSR as a top priority at an employer.

At ISC West 2022 in March, Axis Communications received the Mission 500 CSR Award for charitable work in various fields in 2021. Nilsson accepted the award at the Security 5K/2K Run/Walk Awards Ceremony from Mission 500 recognizing those who participated and/or donated in support of the annual 501c3 Charity Run/Walk held during ISC West in Las Vegas.

Reduce the impact

As sustainability continues to be a priority at Axis, Palome highlighted the importance of CSR for the security industry as a whole.

“It is very important for companies to be aware of and commit to targets that will reduce the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes,” she explained. “Axis is continually evaluating our processes and working on solutions to reduce our impact where possible.

“The security industry has always been male-dominated, and Axis has made concerted efforts to increase gender diversity both internally and across the industry, creating and amplifying events who support women in safety and working to close the gender gap, creating more comprehensive events and high performing teams and organizations.

To see the Axis 2021 Sustainability reportto visit https://www.axis.com/about-axis/sustainability