Discotek Announces Urusei Yatsura: Complete TV Series, New Tokusatsu Label, and More

Picture via Discotek Media

Discotek Media announced a whole slate of new licenses and upcoming releases during its Otakon 2022 Japan Anime Industry Information Session on Saturday, including the upcoming releases of the Urusei Yatsura TV series, Symphogear XV. , the new label dedicated to tokusatsu Toku Time and more.

Announcements made during the panel are in alphabetical order.

Dino Mech Gaiking: 44 episodes released on SD-BD disc, with clean OP/ED and promo videos included. Expected release end of 2022.

city ​​hunter – Collection of movies and specials: Six movies and a special Blu-Ray release for TV, including Magnum of Love and Fate (AKA .357 Magnum), Bay City Wars, Million Dollar Conspiracy, The Secret Service, Goodbye My Sweetheart (AKA “The Motion Picture”), The Death of Evil Ryo Saeba. The release will include ADV dubs, with the exception of Evil Ryo Saeba which is subtitled only. Release scheduled for early 2023.

Legend of dinosaurs and monster birds: New HD transfer under the new Toku Time label. Dub Vintage Frontier Enterprises included, along with original trailers. Expected release end of 2022.

RoboMachine: Battlehackers: 31 episodes released on SD-BD for the first time with English subtitles, including vintage toy commercials. Expected release end of 2022.

The Princess and the Pilot: License rescue from NIS America, with minor adjustments from the previous version. Expected release end of 2022.

Project A-ko 3: Cinderella Rhapsody: New HD scan from the original negative version with new liner notes and “Get A Chance” music video extras included. Expected release end of 2022.

Gavan Space Sheriff: Release of 44 episodes in HD, for the first time with English subtitles under the new Toku Time label. Extras include a reunion interview with lead actor Kenji Ohba and director Osamu Kaneda, a photo gallery, and a historical essay by Mike Dent. Release scheduled for October 2022.

Sherlock’s Dog: New HD transfer version based on the Japanese version, with all new restorations of the English version. Extras include the rare English-dubbed pilot episode, liner notes, art gallery, and restored promo clips. Expected release end of 2022.

Symphogear XV: Subtitled release of the last season of the Symphogear series. Extras include omake episodes, clean OP/ED as well as a video of the premiere event. Release scheduled for early 2023.

Symphonia Tales Animation: Two-disc release which includes all eleven episodes with English subtitles. Expected release end of 2022.

be a hero and be a hero: Release including both series on one disc, including omake episodes of To be Heroine. Features include revised subtitles, Chinese dialogue tracks, and songs translated back directly from Chinese. This particular version only has 2,000 units. Release scheduled for October 2022.

URUSEI YATSURA Television (1981-86): The 195 episodes will be released in four box sets, with English subtitles based on AnimEigo’s translations. No extras, including existing voiceovers, are intended to be included. Release planned from 2023.

Also, before the Discote panel, the dub casting for the next Gunbuster the release has been announced, with a planned release in late 2022. The cast and staff include:

  • Kiane Chula King as Noriko Takaya
  • Melissa Sternenberg as Kazumi Amano
  • Bradley Gareth as Koichiro Ohta
  • Alexandra Yastishock as Jung Freud
  • Bill Jenkins as Tatsumi Tashiro
  • Lisa Ortiz as Kimiko Higuchi
  • Krystal LaPorte as Reiko Kashiwara
  • Ernesto Jason Liebrecht as Smith Toren
  • Brett Weaver as Yuzo Takaya
  • Cristina Vee as Takami Akai
  • Nola Klop as Linda Yamamoto
  • Kai Kennedy as Masanori Kikuchi
  • Dubbed production: Sound Cadence Studios.
  • ADR Director: Marissa Lenti
  • ADR Editor: Natalie Van Sixtine

The panel also announced details of the Japanese version released of shaman king (2001) with a top of the line AstroRes coming later in 2022, as well as s cat eye Season 2 coming end of 2022.

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