Dozens dead and streets flooded during a storm in the Philippines

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“Tens of thousands” dead in Mariupol-Zelenskiy

HISTORY: Ukrainian leaders said on Monday that tens of thousands of people were likely killed in the Russian assault on the southeastern city of Mariupol. Reuters confirmed widespread destruction but could not verify the number of people killed in the city. by far the highest death toll reported to date in a single location in Ukraine, where towns and villages were relentlessly bombed and bodies, including civilians, were scattered in the streets. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Monday pleaded for military aid to South Korean lawmakers, saying Russia intended to destroy the city. “Mariupol has been destroyed, there are tens of thousands of dead, but even despite this the Russians are not stopping their offensive.” Russia has denied targeting civilians. In the north, rescuers continued to search for the missing in the recently liberated town of Borodyanka near kyiv on Monday, digging through the rubble of buildings as family and neighbors watched. MARIA GLUSHENKO, 68: “It’s shocking. What else can I say… People died, young people died. These good people. And that’s only what we know. But we don’t know how many of them have died.” continues in the south and east, a Ukrainian rights group warned the UN Security Council on Monday that rape was being used as a weapon of war “UN Women Executive Director Sima Bahous told the Security Council that all allegations must be independently investigated. The brutality displayed against Ukrainian civilians has raised all red flags.” Ukraine says Russian forces are gathering for a new offensive in eastern regions, including Mariupol, where people have been without water, food and energy for weeks.