FundaSitio is dedicated to filling the digital and formative gaps of children, adolescents and entrepreneurs through a variety of projects like “El Rinconcito Soñador”

NEW YORK, NY/ACCESSWIRE/April 13, 2022/ FoundationSitio is a foundation with a journey of more than 7 years dedicated to bridging the digital and formative gaps between civil society and the new demands of the world through the organization of experiences and incursions.

Through their work, FundaSitio implements corporate social responsibility, social development and digital care practices to organizations, educational institutions and communities that find themselves in a situation of vulnerability, neglect, economic disadvantage and/or technology.

The foundation was created and is led by Rafael Núñez, social entrepreneur and altruistic creator, fervent follower of unconditional love and faith. Its initial goals focused on digital inclusion and website donations to bridge the communication and/or technology gap between foundation groups and non-profit organizations to promote social purpose actions.

More recently, FoundationSitio launched the project El Rinconcito Sonador, which is specially created as a place of cooperation and learning. The program promotes opportunities to develop the potential of children and adolescents aged 5 to 15 who live in vulnerable areas.

The educational training of our dreamers is essential to foster the development of their life skills. We offer, with the help of specialists in psychopedagogy, psychology and family well-being, the tools necessary for the proper psycho-emotional development and the strengthening of skills and behaviors of children and adolescents. In this way, they can receive quality advice, taking into account the specific needs of each family group..” Shares Rafael Núñez.

This program includes training in emotional management skills and the reinforcement of values ​​necessary for happiness and success. The program also helps children and adolescents identify their professional identity through the motivation of self-knowledge.

The project El Rinconcito Sonador also psychologically assists and guides a group of families, young people and children, parents, guardians and representatives through digital and face-to-face tools on assertive decision-making.

This project came after several years of intense work, when FoundationSitio has been transformed through Proyecta, which was born from the need to create a training and support space for non-governmental organizations, entrepreneurs, teachers and students in the school and university fields to improve their skills so that ‘they can have the necessary skills and tools to carry out their objectives in their daily activities.

“Proyecta promotes four fundamental aspects for training:

1) Personal development: in this stage, people will receive the concepts and tools necessary for their personal growth and their relationship with the people around them;

2) Professionalization of skills: in this stage, people will be offered the necessary concepts and techniques that will help them improve their professional skills so that they can perform at their best in a work or business environment;

3) Digital tools: in this stage, people receive tools to help them create digital resources to carry out the development of training, communication and operational strategies.

4) Sustainable Development: At this stage, people have access to SDG-related content, which allows people to work in harmony with a large number of companies or organizations in the world. Explains Rafael Núñez.

Proyecta offers programs adapted to specific needs and taking into account the context and the environment. They currently offer two programs: program LOTUS and program JOB.

The program LOTUS is aimed at school communities to strengthen the personal and professional skills of students, their parents or representatives, and teachers. This program creates solutions based on teamwork so that participants can learn skills focused on mutual appreciation.

“To achieve its objectives, this program has different training modules such as public speaking, digital identity, audiovisual production, management of Google tools for distance education, CANVA management for the production of visual parts, personal finance, emotional intelligence, etc.” Says Rafael Núñez.

On the other hand, the program JOB is a training program exclusively for entrepreneurs starting a project. This program provides tools that help in the development and projection of corporate identity, designing solutions taking into account the environment in which the person works to be able to develop proposals that can cover the needs and interests people.

Like the program LOTUSThis program also has training modules such as branding, administration of digital platforms (social media and WordPress), entrepreneur skills, finance and more.

The FundaSitio team dreams that it is possible to achieve a better world, full of love, kindness, solidarity and respect. Its professionals help everyone, these capeless heroes who are tireless and inspire others by their example to fight for the common good.

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