Goodworld’s Social Impact Platform Boosts Customer and Oversized Employee Engagement

Fintech Goodworld has raised over 18 million US dollars in charitable donations for good causes through their social impact platform.

WASHINGTON, May 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Since the launch of Goodworld’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) software in 2021, companies have mobilized their workforces to raise more $18M for good causes via the platform.

The Social Impact Platform is changing the way companies integrate corporate social responsibility (CSR) into their business. From Fortune 100 companies to small businesses to innovative fintech, Goodworld’s software is designed to make workplaces and corporate communities places that advance sustainability and actionable impact in their communities.

Goodworld has an established record of employee engagement and amplifying company purpose. Companies like Mastercard, Blend and Lyft partner with Goodworld to engage their employees and customers for good and support the causes they are passionate about.

“Goodworld’s inclusive approach to CSR and DEI is a game-changer,” said Ulysses SmithHead of Global Impact, Equity and Belonging at Blend.

“This enables our employees to maximize their impact in partnership with the wider community to drive positive change through corporate philanthropy, matching donations, rewards and volunteerism. Their team is dedicated to the social impact and their customer service is second to none.” Goodworld and its partners facilitate donations to more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations.

“From pandemic to social justice movements – from natural disasters to war in Ukrainethe last two years have seen an exponential need for mobilization and recovery,” says Dale PfeiferCEO of Goodworld.

“Goodworld ushers in a new era in digital engagement tools and strategies to create corporate communities and workplaces that advance sustainability and humanity.” We strive to transform businesses into a force for good by amplifying their purpose and integrating social impact into their daily operations.

About Goodworld ( Goodworld corporate social responsibility software was launched in 2015 with the idea of ​​#donate. At Goodworld, we are passionate about ROI-driven sustainability and social impact strategies. Within our transformational technology toolkit, we create meaningful customer and employee experiences through corporate philanthropy, rewards and loyalty, volunteerism, rapid response, and impact tracking.

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