Governor’s Citizenship Medal: Lockheed Martin honored for community impact | Business

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lockheed Martin employees have helped restore trails in state parks, made personal protective equipment for those working on the front lines of the pandemic, and delivered online science classes , technology, engineering, and math to Colorado students.

The aerospace company will receive a citizenship medal from the governor at a ceremony this month in recognition of its positive impact on Colorado. Nominated by Mile High United Way, Lockheed Martin will receive the Medal for Corporate Citizenship.

“Our social impact strategy and our corporate social responsibility, to be part of the communities where we live and work, is part of our DNA as a company,” said Kelly Collins, associate manager of community relations. “From our corporate charitable giving to volunteering, to working with STEM education, military veterans and community resilience.”

Lockheed Martin’s Waterton campus in the hills of Waterton Canyon near metro Denver’s southwest is home to about 8,000 of the company’s 11,000 employees in Colorado. It also recently expanded to 650,000 square feet of office space on a 25-acre campus near Lucent Boulevard and C-470.

The company (NYSE: LMT) has had a presence in Colorado for more than 60 years. He designed and built the aeroshell, which protected NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover during entry, descent and landing a year ago. He is also involved in NASA’s upcoming lunar missions, and late last year was part of the launch of NASA’s Lucy spacecraft to explore ancient Trojan asteroids near Jupiter.

Lockheed Martin volunteers work to build personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline workers during the pandemic. Volunteers built 22,000 PPE.

Colorado Lockheed Martin Volunteers

Lockheed Martin employees volunteer with Volunteers of Colorado to improve Colorado trials.

In 2020, Lockheed Martin employees volunteered nearly 23,000 hours statewide and the company donated more than $1.3 million to Colorado nonprofits, said Jenna McMullin, vice president of communications for Lockheed Martin Space. In 2021, the company logged 30,000 volunteer hours and donated $750,000 to local charities.

“Our employees have an incredible passion to get involved,” McMullin said. “It’s really a pride to be there in the community. We are more than a corporate citizen – we are citizens of Colorado and much of this work is done in their spare time.

Lockheed Martin employees worked with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado. In 2021, Lockheed Martin volunteers restored trails in Chatfield State Park near the Audubon Center and Waterton campus, and built a new trail in the Evergreen area of ​​Denver Mountain Parks, which will be used for youth activities.

During the pandemic, the company has stepped up efforts to have its engineers lead STEM education online with local school districts. Its employees have manufactured approximately 22,000 pieces of personal protective equipment for frontline workers.

“In some cases, we’ve given grants to schools to buy equipment to help with online teaching, enabled some hotspots (Wi-Fi) for homes and communities,” Collins said. “We tried to meet the needs of schools where they were.

He also hosted one of the popular flyovers during the pandemic as a fundraiser for Gov. Jared Polis’ Help Colorado fund. He matched donations up to $500,000, Collins said.

“It boosted community morale and helped raise awareness of the fund,” Collins said. “The past two years have been incredibly difficult for many due to the pandemic. Lockheed Martin really tried to step in and help the community.