Legendary Music Producer Jermaine Dupri Takes JD’s Vegan Ice Cream Nationwide With New Flavor Launch

The full line of plant-based frozen desserts will be available in select Walmart stores and on Walmart.com

GRAMMY Award-winning recording artist, producer and vegan entrepreneur, Jermaine Dupri, with his partner Big Innovations Group Inc., are proud to announce the expansion of JD’s Vegan Ice Cream. Shortly after the initial launch of JD’s Vegan, the brand announced the release of new flavors including Chocolate My Way, Key Lime Pie, and (404) Cookies and cream, which will end up in the aisles of Walmart freezers alongside JD’s vegan flavors already available, including Welcome to Atlanta, Peach Cobbler, Apple Butter, and Darling strawberry.

In anticipation of the New Year, JD’s Vegan is now available in 736 Walmart stores nationwide and on Walmart.com. The brand continues to expand in some cities like Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, Miami and will add 300 more stores in the spring. The brand’s continued expansion is making healthy alternatives to frozen desserts more accessible to consumers across the country, while simultaneously encouraging healthy eating and guilt-free indulgence.

“I can’t wait to bring the full range of these exceptionally delicious flavors to Walmart stores,” Dupri said. “Giving people the chance to experience their favorite traditional ice cream flavors in a healthy, 100% dairy-free format is essential. These ice creams are the real deal and will make you fall in love with the plant-based diet.

This collection of all-natural, dairy-free frozen desserts are non-GMO, lactose-free, and contain no artificial flavors. At the same time, they are as rich, creamy and satisfying as traditional ice cream.

  • Chocolate my way – ultra-rich and deliciously smooth with a base of dark chocolate, cocoa butter and a hint of vanilla bean.
  • Lime pie – a refreshing balance of tangy citrus and sweet coconut cream with crispy graham crackers and lime zest grains.
  • (404) cookies and cream – Chopped and remixed cream-filled chocolate cookies into a vegan delicacy.
  • Darling strawberry – creamy swirls of mashed strawberries and real pieces of strawberry dipped in a velvety cloud of coconut cream will be your new sweet romance
  • Welcome to Atlanta, Peach Cobbler – slices of freshly cut golden peaches and crumbled cobbler will make you feel the hot Atlanta, GA summer sun
  • Apple butter – delicious crispy apples are whipped into a thin buttery spread then tossed with a toasted cinnamon streusel crumble

This delicious line of dairy free frozen desserts is inspired by the flavors of Atlanta and made with the featured source – coconut. This tropical fruit creates the dynamic basis for the flavors of JD’s Vegan. Sweet and nutty with a hint of coconut cream, these desserts have a perfectly thick consistency to deliver the rich and rewarding taste of ice cream.

JD’s full portfolio of six vegan flavors will be available in January for purchase at Walmart.com, jdsvegan.com, and Walmart nationwide.

About JD’s vegan ice cream
JD’s Vegan presents a collection of all-natural, dairy-free frozen desserts that are so good you won’t believe what they don’t contain. Completely vegan, the formulation of each unique flavor follows a strict guideline of producing a mind-blowing, mind-blowing, and deceptively delicious taste. No animal milk or creams, artificial flavors or sweeteners are used to bind and churn this perfectly vegan ice cream.

It starts with JD, Jermaine Dupri. The Grammy-winning Songwriter Hall of Fame inductee producer has a supreme musical instinct that goes to the guts of what makes a song a success and an artist a legend. For almost two decades, JD followed a vegan lifestyle.

After a 25-day cleanse, which removed all animal products, he experienced a condition that has lasted since. As it reshaped the music industry, it is now shaping our collective culinary consciousness, creating great tasting foods, and helping to lessen mistaken fears about a plant-based lifestyle.

Vegan food is sometimes considered flavorless, especially ice cream, which may lack the true creamy thickness provided by animal milk or cream. To increase its appeal, JD worked with international dessert experts to create an all-star alternative milk vegan ice cream. JD’s Vegan offers a line that harmonizes rich herbal ingredients that create layers, mounds and swirls of All Good Flavor Inside.