MONTREAL, April 20, 2022 /CNW Telbec/ – To celebrate Earth Day, Avocados from Mexico is proud to announce its recent commitment to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a strong devotion that shows the organization’s enduring commitment to the planet and its desire to invest in a better future. Within 13,000 signatory entities in more than 170 countries, the Association of Producers-Exporters and Packers of Avocados of Mexico (APEAM) becomes the first agricultural association Mexico to join the Mexican network of the United Nations Global Compact by aligning its strategies and operations with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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To celebrate Earth Day, Avocados From Mexico is proud to announce its recent commitment to the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

This agenda is the largest voluntary corporate social responsibility initiative in the world in which companies have agreed to commit to internally implementing the 10 Principles and 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and therefore, to respecting the human rights and labor standards, to preserve the environment and to act with transparency in their activities and operations. This initiative is for people, for the planet, for prosperity, for peace and through partnerships with a vision to transform our world by eradicating poverty and ensuring its transition towards sustainable development.

“Our main objective is to generate an impact on the Sustainable Development Goal 15 “Life on Earth”, because it is the one that has the most impact on the avocado industry. This goal will directly contribute to SDG 6 “Clean water and sanitation”, SDG 8 “Decent work and economic growth” and SDG 12 “Responsible consumption and production” of the United Nations Agenda 2030″emphasizes Mr. Armando Lopez Orduña, Director General of APEAM.


The sustainable development of Avocados From Mexico proudly meets the needs of the present without compromising the capacity of future generations, guaranteeing a balance between economic growth, respect for the environment and social well-being. As the avocado industry has grown significantly to meet growing demand, Avocados From Mexico is dedicated to producing fresh avocados year-round in compliance with the highest environmental standards. Its ultimate goal is to strike the right balance between the growing global demand for avocados and important environmental needs without compromise. True sustainability is essentially about entering a positive cycle that allows the natural environment to flourish and therefore provides the foundation for culture, economy and land to flourish in harmony. As the avocado industry thrives, it gives back to the natural ecosystem and so the cycle continues. While this sustainable agenda is ambitious, it is essential to the success of the industry and the prosperity of the world.

“To celebrate Earth Day, we are proud to be the first agricultural association in Mexico to sign the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This commitment shows how determined we are to pursue our environmental initiatives in our daily practices because we know that what you sow, you reap. » Explain Miguel Barcenasresponsible for marketing for the international markets of avocados from Mexico.


life on earth

This plan continues Avocados From Mexico’s commitment to the planet with efforts focused on reforestation and industry-wide sustainability practices, both of which help preserve natural habitats. from wildlife. Avocados From Mexico supports environmental initiatives and has led an extensive reforestation initiative to enhance the natural biodiversity of Michoacán, home to Avocados From Mexico. With an impressive plant survival rate of 85%, over one million pines across the region have been planted in recent years. The organization also plans to restore an additional 1.6 million trees in Michoacán by 2025, to mitigate the effects of unsustainable logging practices and restore the region’s natural ecosystems and biodiversity. Avocados From Mexico recognized that promoting the natural habitat goes hand in hand with maintaining sustainable agriculture. A balanced ecosystem will ensure better soil and air quality, less erosion, and a healthier and more stable groundwater table.

Clean water and sanitation

Preserving water is also a priority for Avocados From Mexico: This literal source of life, water is a vital and irreplaceable part of agriculture and that is why 97% of avocado orchards use organic methods. natural or sustainable irrigation. With heavy rains during a six-month rainy season, Michoacán’s avocado strip is one of the largest reservoirs of water production in the Mexico. The abundant natural rainfall in the region feeds the two main rivers of the state and much of it permeates the ground. In the shade of the avocado trees and surrounding forests, this moisture is retained, and evaporation is minimal, preventing erosion.

Decent work and economic growth

The avocado industry Mexico provides employment and business opportunities to over 300,000 people and is one of the economic pillars of local communities in Mexico. Independent research has indicated that communities around avocado production areas have improved over the years by reducing indicators of poverty and marginalization by providing better living conditions with strong economic and social development.

The goal of Avocados From Mexico is to achieve a balance between the growing global demand for avocados and the important environmental needs. Even though avocados are one of the most sustainable foods on the market, Avocados From Mexico is committed to using sustainable practices in growing the fruit for a better future.


Avocados From Mexico exemplifies the positivity and drive attributed to lawyers. Throughout the growing, packaging and distribution processes, the brand stays true to its goal of delivering good food that will be enjoyed in good company. Mexicanness is the emotion and energy associated with making guacamole and other delicious recipes. It is also holidays and special occasions that bring family and friends together in a spirit of celebration, sharing and joy.

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