Monumental art for hotels and business centers

Whether it’s for luxury hotels or an outdoor installation for your business or a corporate lobby and parks, a monumentally sized sculpture is an exciting addition to any art collection.

The imposing and majestic proportions of the monumental sculpture give a feeling of power and evoke admiration and the desire to signify prosperity and success, creating emotions and providing visibility that impacts the visitor. They reflect the soul of their owner and become the emblems of hotels, buildings, businesses, castles and estates.

In our horse polo art gallery, we work with talented artists from different European countries. Our main theme is modern equestrian art, but our authors also work with other animal themes.

Our artists have the ability to create sculptures with any material, from traditional bronze to polyester or contemporary painted steel.

Some of our artists’ works are held in prominent public, corporate and private collections around the world, including several royal collections.

Process of creating the bronze sculpture:

At the beginning, we organize a meeting with the artist, and we talk about your needs, the idea of ​​the sculpture, the space where it can be located. On your part, it will be ideal to present some photos of the place of installation.

Based on your ideas, the artist makes a few drawings and then a small model in wax or clay. About this, small modifications of the mockup are made until it is to everyone’s taste.
We do this without any commitment, we care about creating an image that you are happy with and giving the ideal shape and size.

Once the model is approved, it is delivered to a foundry to make a mold and cast in bronze and assemble the various parts. Then the sculpture is mounted in the intended place.

We are pleased to represent the next artists:

Edwards Waites (UK):

Edward regularly handles commissions of all sizes for private and corporate clients around the world. (Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, Lady Bamford and Lord Anthony Bamford, Sheikh Fahad Al Thani & Qatar Racing).

Marie Ackers (UK):

Originally inspired by the old master and “French Animalier”, French artist Marie Ackers went beyond realism and tradition to capture a contemporary interpretation of animals. In her work, Marie deconstructs movement, descends to pure lines, simplifies forms and identifies the dynamics and rhythms of lines to produce contemporary sculpture of distinctive elegance inextricably associated with reality but completely independent of it.

His inspiration comes from a variety of sources ranging from the French animalist to the simplicity and purity of Brancusi’s work, the shapes and presence of Henry Moore’s sculptures, the clean, clean lines of Calder’s metal sculptures as well as Poppy, Lynn Chadwick, ancient and modern architecture.

Salvador Fernandez Oliva (Spain):

Salvador is an exceptionally gifted sculptor from Madrid, he works with different shapes and styles of horses, from realistic to semi-abstract and has the flexibility to turn any image into a masterpiece.
Its customers are based all over the world (France, Italy, Singapore, United Kingdom, Colombia, Spain, Romania, etc.).
Salvador has created many monumental sculptures in public spaces in Spain: at the two entrances to the La Zarzuela racecourse in Madrid, “Winning horse” and famous jockey Claude Carudel, and the equestrian sculpture to commemorate Pedro Serrano, as well as private collectors .

Ignacio Videla (Spain):

Ignacio Videla is an Argentinian sculptor whose art reflects his lifelong passion for horses. His deep love for sculptures inspired him to model horses in clay. Clay turns into wax to capture every detail. And finally bronze gives eternal life to the wild elegance of his art. Ignacio created many sculptures of Arabian horses.

Ninon Art (Netherlands):

Sculpture colored like a hippopotamus by Ninon Art: made of a particularly resistant polyester, all made by hand with a very special high quality lacquer (the lacquer is also polished entirely by hand to give it that particular softness that is difficult to achieve) . Suitable for all weather conditions, possibility of fixing the ground with anchors. Images of a 5* hotel in Ghana.

Andrey Kazantsev (Russia):

It works exceptionally well with polygonal steel sculptures, creating perfect animal shapes. Andrey feels and shows the absolute harmony and beauty of animals.

Strict geometry, impeccable architecture of flat faces, minimalism and conciseness combined with elegance have become the artist’s trademark.

The mystery of the Russian soul is transmitted in his creations. The mystique and mystery of polished edges, rough grinding, burnt surface and rust, monochrome and vivid colors create a unique microcosm. New collections of “moving” animals make Andrey Kazantsev a true master of modern art.

His works are very successful and experience a worldwide boom, he sends the sculptures to the USA, Europe and the Middle East. One of the works was exhibited at the World Expo in Dubai.

Some of our artists also work with monumental art such as mosaics with Venetian glass and murals.

Our art consultants will try to help you find the right solution to your needs for your amazing projects.

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