Over 4,000 stray dogs in Chennai to get reflective collars

Chennai animal lovers plan to put reflective collars around the necks of around 4,000 stray dogs and 500 cattle in Chennai. This is to reduce the number of stray dogs and livestock that are struck by speeding vehicles at night.

People for Cattle in India (PFCI), which launched the Magic Collar campaign in 2016, is behind this project. It will be supported by corporate social responsibility (CSR) funding.

Neil Roberts, an animal lover associated with the PFCI, told IANS: “On Sunday we will start the project. Since I feed about 80 neighborhood dogs, they are kind to me. We’ll start with these dogs because they won’t attack us.

He said that since the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have volunteered to feed stray dogs in their area, leading them to develop a personal bond with these animals. Neil said this camaraderie will be used to put reflective collars around their necks. They will enlist the members of the board of residents’ associations for this project.

PFCI officials said the number of accidents involving animals has increased in recent months and the number of stray animals on the streets has also increased.

Arun Prasanna G, founder of PFCI, said the group had about 200 volunteers in the city and they knew all the local strays. These people will be hired to put collars on these animals.

The PFCI will run a reflective collar program in each location every weekend to protect as many animals as possible.