Promote resource exploitation, stimulate economic development

The Saindak Copper-Gold mine is the first modern large-scale non-ferrous mine in Pakistan. [Photo provided to]

MCC Resources Development Company (Pvt.) Limited (MRDL) is a local company funded by the Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC) but registered and established in Quetta, Balochistan. As a modern enterprise integrating investment, development, construction, production and operation, it mainly focuses on the development of non-ferrous metal mineral resources. Its main project of Saindak Copper-Gold Mine is the first modern large-scale non-ferrous mine in Pakistan, and it is also the only non-ferrous metal mine in the country that includes mining, concentrating and smelting.

Workers cast a copper bulb in a foundry. [Photo provided to]

MRDL is a unit of China Minmetals, which is a world-class metallic mineral development group, ranking 65th among the top 500 global companies in 2021.

MRDL, which has a 20-year history in Pakistan, adheres to the strategic positioning of “the leading runner of Pakistan’s non-ferrous mining industry and the main force of China-Pakistan economic (industrial) cooperation” with the mission of maximizing the use of resources and corporate social responsibility. Targeting the promotion of the non-ferrous metal industry and building an integrated relationship of common destiny and harmonious coexistence with the local people, MRDL has been highly recognized by the government and society. While promoting the overall progress of Pakistan’s non-ferrous metal industry, MRDL also focuses on building a Sino-Pakistani technical team with rich experience in developing non-ferrous resources and has made great contributions and obtained successful results in local employment, CSR and border areas. stability. Over the past two decades, MRDL has made approximately $2.4 billion in copper blister sales, paid $468 million in taxes, surcharges, profits to Pakistani governments, purchased goods locally for the production and daily necessities worth about 1.1 billion dollars, and was awarded as one of the top 50 foreign exchange earning enterprises in Pakistan, which greatly promoted the development of local crafts and logistics industries. At the same time, MRDL has also actively stimulated the development of domestic industry in Pakistan by providing employment to over 1,700 people and training over 3,000 talented technicians or managers. In each year for the past two decades, MRDL has dedicated 5% of its operating revenue to social welfare activities such as improving local livelihoods, disaster relief, and more. , and the accumulated amount amounts to more than 20 million dollars. Every year, the MRDL spends more than one million dollars to help the education system, medical services, electricity and water supply for local villagers, strongly supporting the development of local businesses in the fields of science, education, culture and health, and contributing to stability. and the prosperity of border regions. MRDL has won the “Best Social Welfare Enterprise” award for consecutive years. In 2019, it was awarded the “Enterprise Social Welfare Contribution Award” by the Prime Minister’s Special Adviser. In June 2021, it received the “Top 100 Exporter Recognition Award 2020”, which was personally presented by Pakistani President Arif Alvi. In October 2021, MRDL won the honorary title of the first session of “Best Company for Employee Skill Development ” in Pakistan.

Two employees work on the production line of MCC Resources Development Company in Pakistan. [Photo provided to]

Looking to the future, with China Minmetals as the strong backer and the traditional advantages, the unique experience and trained teams working in the Gobi Desert for decades as well as the support of Chinese and Pakistani governments, MRDL is ready to do joint efforts with local society to promote the mining industry, especially non-ferrous mining, and devoting to the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor for the realization of the vision of ” New Pakistan”, and the opening of the brilliant new chapter for resource exploration and economic development in Balochistan as well as the further development of China-Pakistan friendship.