PT Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk: BEK and NPR take part in the Dayak festival

August 02, 2022

BEK and NPR take part in the Dayak festival

Community empowerment, including the cultural aspect, is among the priority pillars of corporate social responsibility for ITM and its subsidiaries in the management of its operations. This means that the company is committed to creating positive values ​​in these pillars. It is not only a manifestation of social responsibility but also of its corporate principle, that the company will only grow and be strong if it is managed with the fulfillment of responsibilities to communities and the environment.

From July 27-31, 2022, two of ITM’s affiliates, BEK and NPR, participated in the Dayak Pumpung Hai festival, held in Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan. In addition, BEK and NPR also supported the organization of the festival which lasted for five days and featured various Dayak arts and cultural activities including the Borneo 1000 Dohong Parade, cultural exhibitions and MSME bazaars.

During the festival organized by the Dajak Ngadjoe Kahajan (KDNK) community, BEK and NPR acted as the face of ITM Group through the company’s outlets which provided information on various community empowerment programs that were carried out in the Central Kalimantan region. BEK and NPR’s outlet also featured various community activities such as free health checkups, talk shows on health and eco-friendly living, and coloring contests for children to reinforce good relations with the community and other stakeholders.

During the exhibition, people’s enthusiasm to visit the booth and interact with the company was high. Of the total store visitors, the committee noted that 100 people took advantage of the free medical check-up program organized by the company’s healthcare facility team. In the meantime, the committee also noted the great enthusiasm of the visitors who entered their children in the coloring contest. It was recorded that 40 children participated in the coloring contest for primary and kindergarten children. The great enthusiasm for BEK and NPR’s presence at one of Central Kalimantan’s biggest cultural festivals was also expressed by government officials, traditional leaders, journalists and artists. Regent of Murung Raya Perdie Mr. Yoseph was one of the eminent personalities visiting the BEK and NPR booth.

The management of IMT believes that in the era of digitalization and innovation where things are changing so rapidly, it is necessary to intensify the cultural preservation effort to protect ancestral cultural values. BEK and NPR’s support and participation in the 2022 Dayak Pumpung Hai Festival is a manifestation of the company’s commitment to cultural preservation as one of the pillars of ITM Group’s community development programs.


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