Supalai invites business alliances to collaborate on “Srang Dee” (Good Construction) project,

to increase community forest areas in the province of Nakhon Ratchasima and has set itself the goal of reducing the carbon footprint by 25% in 3 years.

Supalai Pcl. cooperated with the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Royal Forestry Department to provide green spaces for villagers in Baan Khok Phluang community, Chakakrat district, Nakhon Ratchasima province, inviting executives, suppliers, media and employees to planting 2,000 trees of different kinds to increase the forest area by 10 rai as part of the “Suphapanalai by Care the Wild” project, aiming to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by 25% within 3 years.

Mr. Tritecha Tangmatitham, Managing Director of Supalai Public Company Limited, revealed that “in the past, the company has carried out corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and importance in all aspects as well as business operations. From now on, all CSR activities will be carried out under the project named “Supalai Srang Dee” because in addition to building good houses for customers for 33 years, the company believes that good determination can drive and create many values ​​in society. These include creating a good environment for the world, creating a good education for the youth, creating a good society for the nation, and having good corporate governance by conducting trustworthy and responsible business. towards all stakeholders, as the company has always done.

“Today, the energy and climate crises facing the world affect all of life. Climate change, which has caused the global warming crisis, is a major problem that requires all countries to join forces to work together to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, by reducing carbon dioxide or CO2. In 2022, Supalai Public Company Limited has set itself the target of reducing the carbon footprint by 25% within 3 years, aware of the importance of preserving the environment which goes hand in hand with the development activity. of accommodation. After developing projects in Nakhon Ratchasima province for more than eight years, the company joined the “Suphapanalai by Care The Wide” project with partners such as the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Royal Forest Department to revitalize the forest. Baan Khok Phluang community, Chakkarat district, Nakhon Ratchasima province.

“Supalai invited leaders, employees and business partners including Thammasorn Group Co., Ltd., SCG, TOA Paint (Thailand) Public Company Limited, Siam Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., the media and villagers to plant 2,000 trees in a 10 rai community forest area, with the support of Baan Khok Phluang villagers, an important force in keeping the forests alive and growing sustainably. Villagers will be able to use this community forest to generate their livelihoods as it is rich in perennial and edible plants such as teak, cork, rosewood, gurjan, padouk and mango tree, numbering up to 2,000 trees. It is therefore advantageous both in terms of the economy, the preservation of ecosystems and the development of communities to live sustainably for many decades.

Mr. Amnuay Jiramhaphoka, Deputy Director of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, said: “Global warming is a big problem that cannot be solved by one person: it requires the cooperation of all sectors. Supalai Public Company Limited has been listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand for almost 30 years, with good performance, strong financial position, good governance and sustainable growth or ESG. She has always been involved in social responsibility and social contributions. For this reforestation, all parties will come together to create sustainable values ​​and benefits for the forest area of ​​the villagers of Khok Phluang community.

Ms. Nantana Bunyanan, Director, Office of Community Forest Management, Royal Forest Department, thanked the Care the Wild project, a corporate fundraising platform to plant forests to create green spaces for Thailand. She also thanked Supalai Public Company Limited for supporting tree planting and paying attention to the Royal Forest Department in coordinating and connecting communities leading to this establishment of community forests. “Ban Khok Phluang is a community of forest lovers who care about cherishing the forest,” she said. “Community members will protect and care for the trees to grow and nurture them for the next 10 years. In the future, this forest will benefit community members as a food depot, reduce expenses, increase income, create a community economy, connect with the BCG model, and maintain ecosystem balance to transmit natural resources and a preserved environment. as the natural heritage of the next generation.

Mr. Chatri Phetnok, Chief of Village No. 11 and Chairman of Ban Khok Phluang Community Forestry Committee, revealed that “the Khok Phluang community area has been invaded for more than 10 years. Until 2009, Khok Phluang villagers fought to reclaim the forest from opportunists and collaborated to start planting forests by hand, helping each other create and maintain green spaces. This contribution from the public and private sectors will strengthen the community in its determination to create sustainable forest areas for the villagers of Khok Phluang.