The city organizes spring cleaning days

This month, the City of Galesburg will hold its Spring Cleanup Event.

While each household will still only have one day assigned to cleanup collection, the cleanup event will take place over a two-week period from April 11-15 and April 18-22, a press release says. .

Each household will have their cleaning items picked up during their assigned recycling week, on their normally scheduled garbage and recycling collection day.

For more information on your assigned week, call 309-345-3619 or 309-343-0256.

Trash customers can drop off most items curbside, including oversized items and large amounts of trash, during the assigned weekday on their regular trash pickup day before 6 a.m. Free pick up will be provided by Waste Management. All loose items must be bagged or bundled. Bulky items, such as playsets or antenna towers, should be broken down or disassembled. Doors should be removed from major appliances for safety reasons, the statement said.

No bulk waste or construction/demolition debris will be accepted. Yard waste is not included in this event and should always be placed in the appropriate containers for disposal as normal.

Liquid paint, automotive batteries, propane tanks, boards with exposed nails, large pieces of concrete, large automotive parts, motor oil and tires cannot be accepted. Certain electronic devices such as computer equipment, televisions, fax machines, DVD players/recorders, VCRs, video game consoles, iPods/portable digital music players, digital converter boxes, and cable/satellite receivers cannot be disposed of in Illinois landfills and will not be accepted. Options for electronics and paint recycling can be found in the Recycling and Solid Waste Brochure on the city website.

Restricted items that are not picked up must be removed from the curb after the customer’s regular garbage pick-up day. Any litter left on the curb after the customer’s regular garbage pick-up day will be subject to an additional charge for pickup.

No notice is required prior to collection of remaining items. Cleanup Week is funded entirely by City of Galesburg garbage customers and is provided to residents with an active garbage account. Garbage from businesses and sources outside the city is prohibited. Picking up items from the sidewalk is prohibited and violators can be fined, the statement said.

For more information, visit the City of Galesburg website or call 309-345-3619.