The Honda Campus All-Star Challenge celebrates HBCU’s academic excellence

The journey to the Honda Campus All-Star Challenge (HCASC) National Championship Tournament is underway for more than 60 teams from historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

Now in its 33rd year, HCASC is America’s premier academic competition among HBCUs, bringing together more than 300 HBCU students, coaches, presidents and institutional representatives each year for a tournament that uniquely combines educational and personal development experiences at the beyond the classroom. Students also bond with fellow HBCU students, creating “friends for life.”

In this year’s HCASC Virtual National Championship Series, the March 13 the preliminary rounds will narrow the field to the top 16 teams that will qualify for the Playoffs March 20. From there, the remaining eight teams will compete for the title of national champion, April 10-12with the possibility of winning the grand prize — a $75,000 institutional grant from Honda, according to a press release Release.

“Honda has been supporting the success and dreams of HBCU students for more than three decades, and it all started with the Honda Campus All-Star Challenge,” said Yvette Huntsickervice president of corporate social responsibility and inclusion and diversity at American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

“We applaud the students for their incredible dedication to preparing for HCASC and are thrilled to crown the 2022 HCASC National Champion.”

Honda Campus All-Star Challenge is a year-round program celebrating Black excellence and showcasing the academic talents of top HBCU students from across the country. Teams of four students compete in a one-on-one competition and must quickly answer questions about history, science, literature, religion, math, arts, pop culture and sports . HCASC challenges students to broaden their scope of knowledge on a wide range of topics while helping them develop their leadership and collaboration skills. With the opportunity to compete against students from other HBCUs, participants network, build camaraderie, and benefit from mentorship opportunities with HCASC alumni. Beyond competition, Honda offers development seminars to help prepare students for success after graduation.

“Having coached HCASC teams at four HBCUs over the past two decades, I know first-hand Honda’s incredible impact on individual students and HBCUs,” said dr. Ronnie Hopkinspresident of Voorhees College.

“Participation in HCASC enhances an HBCU’s academic profile, advances student engagement and leadership development, and truly cultivates relationships through which students, faculty, and staff within the HBCU community and at beyond become ‘friends for life’.”

The HCASC National Championship Series will be broadcast live on Listen to the action on March 13 at 10 a.m. EST for the preliminary rounds. Sixteen teams will compete on March 20fixing the field of the teams for the rounds of the championship, April 10-12.

Honda holds virtual seminars to improve career readiness

In addition to the tournament experience, HCASC participants are invited to participate in virtual development seminars aimed at increasing career readiness and student empowerment. Students will learn interview tips, resume writing best practices, and ways to prepare for success after graduation. These seminars are organized in partnership with Honda Talent Acquisition and the African American Resource Collaborative (AARCH) Business Resource Group.

Did you know?

– North Carolina A&T State University will be looking to defend their 2021 HCASC National Champion title.

– Morehouse College is the only school to qualify for all 32 HCASC National Championship tournaments.

– Florida A&M University won more national championships (8) than any other HBCU.

– Over 90% of student participants say lasting friendships are a significant benefit of attending HCASC.

– There are 89 eligible HBCUs that can participate in the HCASC, representing 20 states and the District of Columbia.

– HCASC alumni are found around the world pursuing careers in science, engineering, medicine, media, aeronautics, education, industry and government.

This year, Honda will provide nearly $400,000 in institutional grants to participating HBCUs, with many schools using the grants to fund scholarships. More than 145,000 college students have participated in the HCASC since the college tournament’s inception in 1989.