The material’s magnetic knife holder is effective and attractive

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If you have at least one “good” knife in your kitchen utensil collection, it’s important to have the right storage too. But for many home cooks, myself included, where to find dungeon these knives is an afterthought. For years, I’ve kept my chef’s knife and paring knife on my cutting board, ready for action. The rest of my knives (we’re talking filleting, boning, bread, etc.) have been stored in a random utensil drawer. Please don’t tell my culinary school teachers.

Due to the low upper cabinets, I don’t have enough room for a magnetic knife strip. What about knife blocks? Ugh. They’re clunky, big, and take up way too much valuable real estate on my counters. I thought I would live with my shameful secret forever, until I found out perfect knife storage solution from my favorite kitchen utensil brand, Material.

Material’s magnetic knife holder, aptly called “The stall“, is the sleek, attractive and effective answer to my junk drawer prayers. I’ve been using it for a month and can’t imagine how I ever got along without it.

The booth is coming two different materials, either a light and airy beech or an elegant dark walnut. My kitchen is all white subway tile and skylights, so I opted for beech. With an angled profile of 9.5 inches at its tallest, it creates a striking, yet minimalistic presence. It is fully magnetized on both sides of the block, so you can store up to eight knives. (Although I have a solid collection of small blades, so I installed up to 10 at a time).

There’s so much to love about Material’s knife rack – just ask any guest I’ve had this month; I can’t stop talking about it, but the best part is how effective it is. Unlike traditional knife blocks, The Stand lets you see the whole knife at a glance, not just its handle. This means you’ll always grab the knife you need the first time around.

Another way it differs from the dreaded blocks? It’s actually easy to keep clean. All you have to do is treat it with a damp cloth. No impossibly tiny crevices that collect dust and bacteria.

Its $90 price tag reflects the high-quality materials. It is made from sustainably harvested wood. Plus, it’s built to last for years. I’m not the only cook who feels this way; The booth has accumulated over 300 near-perfect reviews from real customers. “The base of the stand is heavy, so I’m not worried about it falling,” says one. I am okay! Another reviewer noted that it’s great for holding kitchen knives on one side and steak knives on the other. I like this idea.

I confess that I was attracted to The Stand purely by its appearance. If nothing else, I figured, this would look better on my counter than the mismatched ugly blocks. But after using it daily, I realize that this streamlined tool has the brains and brawn to back up its beauty. I even consider a second holder for my steak knives. And in case you were wondering: yes, even of them Material’s knife holders will take up less space than my old block situation.