Today’s stock market news and events: 06/07/2022

Today, the S&P Global US Services Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) will be featured, along with the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Services Index. In addition, job offers and departures are planned to be published.

No public company is expected to report results today, July 6.

In case you missed it, we just posted What the Alphabet Stock Split Means for Google Investors ahead of GOOGL’s planned 20-to-1 stock split scheduled for July 15th. If you want to learn more about stock splits and whether you should buy a stock before a stock split, how stock splits affect current shareholders, and more, check out Everything investors need to know about stock splits.

Looking ahead to tomorrow, tThe usual data on initial and continuing jobless claims will be released on Thursday, along with ADP’s monthly jobs report and an update on the foreign trade balance.

All economic dates shown here are tentative and subject to change.

7 Dividend Stocks That Pay 10% Every Month

Investors who are at or near retirement age know that the need for reliable income is moving up the priority list. This makes investing in dividend stocks a logical choice. Most dividend-paying stocks pay dividends on a quarterly basis. However, for people who don’t have an income stream from employment, quarterly dividends of any size create an uneven income stream. This can be difficult in times of economic volatility, and especially in the face of rising inflation.

One solution for these investors is to buy a special class of dividend stocks that pay dividends monthly. Monthly dividend income is one way to create predictable cash flow. And investors also have access to stocks that have a high dividend yield, sometimes over 10%. That’s nearly 10 times the 1.6% average dividend yield of S&P 500 stocks. And because of the business models of these companies, those returns are sustainable.

In this special presentation, we’ll look at 7 monthly dividend stocks that are yielding more than 10% in June 2022.

See the “7 Dividend Stocks That Gain 10% Every Month”.