What the council is doing about Rotherham’s ‘forgotten estate’ where crime and filth reign supreme

Rotherham’s council told Yorkshire Live that tackling organized crime and the drug supply are key priorities for them and their partners as they aim to make Rotherham safer.

The council was answering questions about crime, drugs, fly spills and electricity problems in Eastwood, which have all turned this beautiful estate into a slum.

For more than a month, Yorkshire Live has uncovered brazen levels of crime, drug trafficking and smuggling, and relentless drug exploitation that is shattering the region’s electricity grid.

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During this same period, despite cleaning campaigns and garbage collection, landfills continue at an alarming rate throughout the neighborhood.

Regarding the power cuts in the area, Tom Smith, Deputy Director of Community Safety and Street Scene for Rotherham Council, said: “The council is working closely with partners to reduce crime through the Safer Rotherham partnership.

“The fight against organized crime and the drug supply are key priority areas and we are working closely with the police to detect and prevent these crimes.

Eastwood in Rotherham can be an eyesore

“In addition, the Council is setting up services to support those affected by substance abuse. We are currently working with the Police and Northern Powergrid to understand the root cause of the recent power outages in the region and take action in partnership to address this issue. . “

South Yorkshire Police and the Northern Powergrid have independently confirmed that they have worked together in the past and are committed to ending criminal activity disrupting the power grid.

Police raided 3 addresses in just 6 days last week as they stepped up their fight against drug producers. Police confiscated drugs which could have generated £ 400,000 a year for drug traffickers.

On general safety and crime in the area, Smith told Yorkshire Live the council is installing CCTV and lightning in the hopes of tackling anti-social behavior.

He said, “Council, neighborhood members, residents and community groups continue to improve the area and tackle anti-social behavior through a range of local projects, including the installation of CCTV, lighting. and signage.

“Neighborhood members meet with residents through community visits, school surgeries and walks and we encourage residents to contact their counselor to discuss any ideas they have for improving the area. “

A whole collection of furniture has just been thrown in the street
A whole collection of furniture has just been thrown in the street

Regarding fly spills, garbage collection and cleanliness, Smith said there have been cases where people have left the wrong garbage cans on the wrong collection dates and the council has launched a campaign education so that residents are better informed.

Smith said, “All reports of fly spills made to Council are investigated for enforcement action and then quickly cleared to ensure communities remain clean and welcoming.

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“The Council continues to empty the bins according to the planned collection schedule. However, there have been incidents where the wrong bins have been presented during the wrong collection weeks, and the bins are contaminated.

“To try to combat this, we have distributed information brochures and used social media to encourage residents to use their trash properly, and we remain committed to ensuring continued and intensive engagement and education to improve recycling in the region. “

But over the weekend, Eastwood once again looked like a dumping ground.

Home furnishings were dumped on a street in Eastwood over the weekend
Home furnishings were dumped on a street in Eastwood over the weekend

A frustrated resident asked council to show leadership or to step aside. John Gargett said: “Isn’t it time for the leadership of Rotherham’s council to resign if they think it’s an acceptable standard of living, streets full of spills of flies, drug houses raided almost daily , public parks dumping waste. “

But the council, along with its partners, pledges to crack down on criminal and anti-social behavior in the region and has embarked on several initiatives to make Eastwood and Rotherham in general safer.

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